Hello Robin Hood Members and Friends – Since our July 31 update, many of us on the Board took some much needed vacation time, but we are now ready for the next big steps in this process. Here is the update (please check the website for information shared in prior updates):
  • We signed a construction contract with US Pools/US Aquatics. Many of you have noticed that they’ve begun some activity at the pool, primarily removing layers of white coat, and assessing the damage to the pipes. They are still in planning and permitting phase, so no structural work will begin until that is complete; however, we are ahead of our expected timeline. Please come to the Annual Meeting to discuss the details further.
  • Robin Hood is a is a job site under the control of our contractor, and any access to the pool is restricted unless it is approved in advance by US Pools and Jack Marr or Don Collins.
  • Look for Robin Hood in the Washington Post this past Thursday, August 14th. Columnist John Kelly wrote an article on our pool, thanks to a letter he received from 10-year old member Natalie DeMarchi. Great coverage for Robin Hood, so thank you Natalie!
  • The Board will meet this week, and finalize the date of the Annual Meeting planned for early September. The pool still needs 2 volunteers to fill the Board spots opening this Fall. Please consider doing your part for Robin Hood and volunteering for this important role.
  • This tough summer is quickly coming to a close, but we certainly couldn’t have made it through without our fantastic guard staff, led by Stephanie Kincaid and Anthony Smith. In May, these two rallied their guards to stay with our swimmers this summer, and while they weren’t all at WHSC, we look forward to having them HOME at Robin Hood next summer! Thank you all so much for the sacrifices you made!
  • We hope all of this fabulous news will encourage those of you who were hesitant and haven’t made your contribution to please do so. At $132,000, we’ve reached just over 50% of our fundraising goal of $250,000. It will take all of you to reach this goal, so please give. The more of the project costs we can cover with donated funds, the less debt we will be committing the pool to over the long term.
  • We are planning a commemorative patio at the pool, and have pavers available for engraving. Each donor who already gave $1,000 or more will get an 8”x8” brick paver to personalize; , donors who already gave $400 or more will receive a 4”x8” paver. Both size pavers are still available. We will have all information and forms available online and at the Annual Meeting.
  • Save the Date – September 21, 2014 – for a Silent Auction and Benefit Party at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, featuring live music. Think of it as an offseason Adult Social open to all with great items to bid upon. Details to come!
As we continue through the offseason, updates will be less frequent, likely monthly or semi-monthly, depending upon what is happening. You are certainly welcome to direct questions to the Board through the general Robin Hood email address located on the website if you have a question or concern. Thank you for your support to date. Your Robin Hood Board of Directors