YES! We will be back in the Hood this summer! The new concrete shell is in and the damage has been repaired. In fact, there is water in the pool now! In our timeline to rebuild, after receiving the permits, the most critical hurdle was getting the concrete shell completed before winter set in. Over winter, work will be done in the pump room. In the spring, work will begin on replacing the pipes and decking by the deep end as well as white coat and tiling.We will begin a membership drive in February…we need all of our members to help. Do you have friends, neighbors, friends of your children or new neighbors that don’t have a summer pool?  Get them signed up as members – the documents are on the website and you can also talk to Kristen Wendel, our membership chairperson.To date, we have spent all of our fundraising dollars and have taken our first construction draw on our loan. That is correct…our fundraising dollars have been used – engineering work, drawings, permits, demolition and construction. Please, if you have not yet given, do so! Any amount will help…we are looking for 100% participation from our membership! TO GIVE BY CHECK: Payable to:  Robin Hood Swim Club (note that it is for Capital Improvement) Send to:  Teresa Smith, 1301 Atwood Road, Silver Spring, MD  20906 TO GIVE ON LINE: Go to, click on big, yellow DONATE button. We have come a long way since the summer. All of our progress is thanks to the efforts of many people who have helped in many different ways:  donating, volunteering, fundraising, acquiring donations for the auction and a thousand other ways. We owe a great deal to all of you that have helped since last May! We are coming to the home stretch and need everyone to be committed to the success of our pool. We will continue to send communications to all of you regarding fundraising activities, construction updates, and celebratory information as we get closer to our pool opening date!