October 12, 2014

Hello Robin Hood members and friends.

Just a reminder that next week (Sunday, October 19th at 5:00 p.m.) is the Robin Hood Annual Meeting at Westover Elementary School.  We know everyone is busy, and Sundays mean football, but please take a few hours to come to this important meeting.

If you missed any of the board communication this summer, included is a link to the over 20 updates that were sent during the past five months since May 1.  http://www.robinhoodpool.com/construction-updates/update-letters-to-members/

Each of the volunteers is working on a short presentation covering his or her respective area – construction, financials, fundraising, membership, and more – these take time and effort.   If it is complete and final ahead of the meeting, we will post it online and send it out via email.  We will do our best, but we can’t guarantee it will be available ahead of time.   There should be no surprises in this information, and at the meeting, there will be time for discussion as warranted.

Should you have questions or suggestions for the meeting, there is still time to ask!  Send emails to robinhoodsilverspring@gmail.com.


Your Robin Hood Board of Directors