If you've got a child who wants to make a big splash at Robin Hood this summer, Dive Team may be the place for them. Robin Hood Dive Team is in Division IV of the Montgomery County Dive League, and our meets take place on Sundays. We are looking forward to a fun and successful season under Kennedy High School Dive Coach, Debbie Wischmann.

2018 Dive Team Registration

Every diver must complete the 2018 Dive Team Registration. Payment can be made by check payable to “Robin Hood Swim Club” and submitted along with the registration form to:

Anne Elixhauser
13029 Triadelphia MIll Road
Clarksville MD 21029

Dive Team Reps are Anne Elixhauser, C.B. Dexter & Kate Mazzara.  No diver may practice with the team without confirmation from a dive rep.

2018 Dive Team Practice Schedule

Practices start right after Memorial Day and are held Mon-Fri 5:30pm-6:15pm and 6:15pm-7:00pm.  Dive meets generally occur on Sundays at 4pm.  The dive season ends with a potluck banquet at the end of July.   

The dive coach may offer a suggested time for your diver, but all divers are welcome at any time. Each diver is expected to make daily practices, but it is understood that a diver may not be able to make every practice. Please let the coach know if your diver will not be able to make practice.

2018 Dive Team Meet Schedule

June 10 1 P.M. MCDL Rookie Meet at Palisades

June 17 4 P.M. Robin Hood @ Old Farm

June 24 4 P.M. Calverton @ Robin Hood

July 1 4 P.M. Robin Hood @ Carderock Springs

July 8 4 P.M. Robin Hood @ East Gate

July 15 4 P.M. Mohican @ Robin Hood

July 20 3 P.M. Robin Hood Invitational Meet

July 22 8 A.M. Divisional Championship Meets

July 25 3 P.M. MCDL All-Stars:  12 And Under Events

July 26 3 P.M. MCDL All-Stars:  13 - 18 Events


2018 Dive Team Staff

Debbie Wischmann – Head Coach

We are very excited to announce our new diving coach -- Debbie Wischmann.  Debbie is a certified dive coach at Kennedy High School.  She counts among her accomplishments taking a new diver to divisionals during the past year.  Debbie will be assisted by her 21-year old son, Ben, who is also a diver.


Anne Elixhauser, C.B. Dexter, and Kate Mazzara are the Dive Team representatives. For more information on anything related to the team, contact them at robinhooddiverep@gmail.com.



All families are needed to volunteer at meets. We need Table Workers, Referees/Judges, and Concession Workers. If you have a preferred position or if there is a meet you will not be able to attend, please let us know. We will try to accommodate you as much as possible.    

2018 Referee & Judging Clinics

Montgomery County Diving League (MCDL) offers Judge and Referee training clinics. They last about 2 hours and certify judges and/or referees for 3 seasons. There is no registration for the training. Just show up and sign-in. We are in desperate need of referees and judges!

Sunday, June 10th (10 A.M.) @ Country Glen

Wednesday, June 13th (6:30 P.M.) @ Westleigh

Thursday, June 14th (6:30 P.M.) @ Seven Locks

Monday, June 18th (6:30 P.M.) @ Mohican


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